cranio sacral therapy


1. What is Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy is a very subtle, non-invasive and respectful therapeutic approach which restores the natural balance of our body with the help of inherent life forces present in our system. It is soft and gentle bodywork which has a holistic approach and works at the mental, emotional and physical level to maintain a state of balance throughout the whole being. Read more.

2. Is Craniosacral Biodynamics safe for children?

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive work and has no contraindications. It is extremely safe to use. Children respond very well to therapy as they are very intuitively inclined and can well respond to the subtle, non-invasive ways of this therapy in a very natural way.

3. What is Craniosacral Therapy useful for?

Everyone potentially can benefit, though, with some cases the improvement may be quicker than others. As Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy builds / restores health in the brain and nervous system, it is effective in assisting the prevention of chronic conditions, like immune imbalances, digestive problems, problems of aging, stiffness in joints and inflammation. It also helps to heal old forgotten injuries which might be affecting our present state of being. Apart from that it helps to heal and support birth traumas, accident trauma, post surgery stress, headaches, post dental work support, behaviour issues. For the detailed list of indications that are healed and supported by Craniosacral therapy, click here .

4. How long will the treatment session last?

A typical session consists of 45 to 50 minutes where the client is rested fully clothed in a comfortable position.

5. What will I feel during the session?

As this therapy is gentle bodywork, you won’t experience any strong manipulations. You might experience mild sensations like heat, tingling, fluctuations / pulsations in the body. You might even feel a cool expansive relaxation taking over you. Everybody experiences sensations according to his / her own expression of health and this is just to give you an idea of what you might experience.

6. What should I wear during the session?

You can wear loose comfortable fitting clothes that do not restrict you to relax while you are having a session.

7. How many sessions do I need?

It is recommended to have a series of sessions for the problem to be completely addressed and solved. Usually people find a course of 6 to 8 sessions most effective which need to be attended once a week or once in 10 days. But treatment varies from condition to condition and from individual to individual, so according to that, treatment can vary from requiring two to three sessions in total to requiring sessions for couple of hours over the week or weeks.

8. What will I experience after the session?

Each person experiences differently. Some might feel very relaxed and feel like sleeping and some might feel a sudden upsurge of energy and feel very energetic. Decrease in pain is experienced.
As Craniosacral Therapy works on bringing the system to a state of balance, reorganisation of patterns might be experienced in the next few days of the therapy taken. Mild but significant changes like sleep, digestion, energy levels are experienced.

9. I am not sure whether Craniosacral Therapy is for me or not. How do I decide?

If you are not sure if Craniosacral Therapy is for you, you can always connect with us with your queries / doubts and we will be most happy to respond to you and suggest accordingly.

10. What about Craniosacral Therapy and Medical Treatment?

Craniosacral Therapy is not a replacement for appropriate medical care. It can be worked in conjunction with medical care and other wellness modalities. If there are any concerns, we will recommend you to consult your doctor.

If you have any more questions and think that this list does not answer yours, then please free to contact me for more details.