Posted date: 20.02.2014

Hi Friends, Aetna, the largest health insurance company in America now recognises the health benefits of yoga and craniosacral therapy in the field of healing and health. Please have a look at this video where Aetna CEO, Mark Bertolini shares: “We know this stuff works, we believe in this, it’s just building the evidence base. We need to start somewhere, we need to pioneer somewhere.” Watch video: Aetna CEO Embraces Alternative Healthcare Some  [ Read more ]

Posted date: 14.01.2014

Hi Friends, I am happy to announce the launch of this site on Craniosacral Therapy. In this section, I will be sharing some information about this wonderful modality that orients to health. In addition to that I would love to share insights and knowledge about the issues we face in our everyday life and usually shove them under the carpet. There will be a section on the homepage which will  [ Read more ]